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This wiki is a public directory of the world's best foresight resources, compiled for your benefit. 
It lists communities, degree programs, courses, people, employers, organizations, and educational materials that help advance our global foresight culture. It can be edited by any future-oriented person who wants to help. Please email us for editing access. It is maintained by FERN, volunteer students, alums and advocates of improving foresight and supporting the graduate and certificate programs in foresight around the world. We also run a big social network, Global Foresight - LinkedIn3,000+ members, join us! If you are a foresight advocate, consider joining any of the foresight communities listed here, and enjoy the pages below!

Main Wiki Pages

 1. Foresight Communities (social networks, events, and conferences for foresight students, faculty, alums, and advocates)
 2. Foresight Frameworks (common definitions and models of the skills, methods, and specialties of foresight)
 3. Foresight Certificate Programs (non-degree certificate programs in foresight; great intros to foresight tools and thinking.)
 4. Foresight Graduate Programs (top primary, 2ndary, and partial graduate foresight educational programs)
 5. Foresight Undergrad and Earlier Programs (undergraduate, high school, and elementary school foresight education programs)
 6. Foresight Courses and Syllabi (grad, undergrad, and earlier foresight courses and syllabi, by title, name, institution, instructor)
 7. Foresight Curricula (freely sharable and reusable content from various foresight courses, put here by foresight educators)
 8. Foresight Professionals (professionals, academics, researchers, educators engaged in foresight work.
 9. Foresight Organizations (top general, science, tech, business, govt, policy, philanthropy, social, health, & other foresight orgs)
10. Foresight Careers (foresight career resources, job types, contact info for foresight employers)
11. Foresight PhD Research (ongoing and completed doctoral dissertations on primary foresight topics around the world)
12. Foresight Media (foresight periodicals, books, articles, websites, roadmaps, plans, slides, audio, and video)
13. Foresight Resources (databases, models, games, trends, scenarios, weak signals, quotes, stats, problems, and solutions)


Our most recent event was FERN's Foresight Careers conference, Washington, DC, April 12-14, 2013. A gathering of foresight students, grads, practitioners, and advocates from around the world. To raise the profile of our industry and advance our careers. Read the profiles of the cool folks who came, and join us next time!

Social Networks

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