Foresight Certificate Programs

Primary Foresight Certificate Programs - Global List 

Foresight certificate programs are multi-day to multi-week educational seminars, usually over several consecutive days, in person or online, in primary foresight methods. They may or may not give a formal certificate on completion. These programs are a great place for working professionals to get a practical, productive introduction to foresight tools and thinking. Below is our list of the best programs we know of. We will add more here as we find them. Programs are listed in alpha order by name of program or of university/ institution:

1. Azerbaijan State Economic U - Foresight Certificate Program (Azerbaijan)
Two semester online program and certificate in foresight. Collaboration of the 
Azerbaijan State Economic University (ASEU), The Millennium Project and Azerbaijan Future Studies Society (AFSS). Faculty: Jerry Glenn and Ted Gordon.

Five modules over five days. Modules 1, 2 and 4, two days; Module 3, three days. $5,175 Euros. Partnered with consultancies SIIE, and Z_punkt GmbH, The Foresight Company. Directors: Professors Ronald Gleich, Rene Rohrbeck, and Klaus Burmeister.

Four European foresight consultancies, Kairos Future (Sweden), IFOK (Germany), ShiftN (Belgium), Shared Intelligence (UK), Emetris (Greece), and Capful (Finland) have developed an education program leading to International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS) certificate. They aim for this certificate to help develop a new foresight strategist job category in Europe. Founded 2015.

Five-day program. Mixes foresight training approaches from the Center for Strategic Studies and Management (Brazil), UNESCO, UNIDO, and the European Commission. Considers foresight's contribution to establishing shared goals and visions and political priority setting with broad public engagement. Faculty and Fees unclear.

5. School of International Futures - Summer Retreat (United Kingdom)
Five-day program (Mon-Fri) introducing and giving hands on training in some of the tools of strategic foresight. 25 participants. Each Summer Retreat has a different major theme (Anticipatory Governance, Corporate Foresight, etc.). £3,900-£5,900. 
Location: Wilton Park, West Sussex, United Kingdom. Directors: Alun Rhydderech and Cat Tully

Ten week, four-day, and seven-day programs for corporate decisionmakers. Focus is on exponentially growing technologies and their business opportunities. A range of instructors across a range of disruptive technology domains, and an accelerator for qualifying teams. $8,000-10,000.
Location: Mountain View, CA, USA. Directors: Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil

7. Draper University - Residential and Executive Entrepreneurship Education Programs (USA)
Entrepreneurship training program, founded in 2013 by venture capitalist Tim Draper, which introduces futures research, ideation methods, and predictive analytics methods to entrepreneurs, and offers an accelerator to help them launch their companies. $10,000.
Location: San Mateo, CA. Director: Tim Draper, Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Two-day intensive Strategic Foresight program for leaders, strategists, decisionmakers. Next is Nov 26-27, 2012. Faculty: Dr. Peter Hayward, Dr. Joseph Voros, Rowena Morrow.  

Five-day program, includes foresight, forecasting, and planning. Two days of strategic forecasting and three days of strategic planning. Two instructors, both with broad foresight experience. University of Houston Futures Studies Program
Locations: Houston, Texas, USA and Brussels, Belgium; Online. Faculty: Peter Bishop, Andy Hines.
Houston 2013:  5-Day, Project-Based, Face-to-Face Workshop May 13-17, 2013, Houston, Texas, USA
Brussels, Belgium 2013:  May 27-31, 2013.

Five-day program in Foresight: Exploring the Future, Shaping the Present.Run by the Manchester Institute for Innovation Research at U. Manchester, which has been doing foresight training since 2003. £2,050 GPB. Faculty: Rafael Popper, Ian Miles, Effie Amanatidou, Ozcan Saritas, Jonathan Aylen, Luke Georghiou, Denis Loveridge, and Joe Ravetz.

Four and a half-day program. Organizational environment, context, and assumptions influencing strategic decisions. Program builds scenarios thinking and planning to test these conditions, challenge assumptions, and explores what new opportunities would yield from different assumptions.. £4,800 plus £450 accommodation (Note: Fees listed in British Pounds).

Location: Oxford, UK. Faculty: Rafael Ramirez, Angela Wilkinson, Kees van der Heijden.

12. University of Turku, Turku School of Economics (TSE), Certified Foresight Professional (English PDF)

Nine day online program. Focus: creating foresight cultures and systems within organizations. Covers modern and emerging foresight tools and methods, big data, visioning, change leadership, and foresight systems. For those in strategy, product development, planning, consulting, and other development roles. Also suited for managers, leaders, and decisionmakers. Organized by Future Focus Education with TSE Exe (Executive Education). 

Tiina Karsikas, Programme Manager, TSE Exe.

Tuition: 6696 Euros. 

Shorter Primary Foresight Training Programs 
and Select Secondary Foresight Certificate Programs

Below is our starter list of shorter and noncertificate training programs in primary foresight methods, and quality certificate programs in secondary foresight methods. We will add more programs here as we find them. Programs are listed in alpha order by name of program:

Competitive Intelligence Professional certificate (ACI and SCIP): 10 days. Good CI is a key skill for better org. foresight.
Demand Planning, Forecasting, and S&OP certificate (IBF): Three exams, 450 questions.
Economic Forecasting certificate (U Albany and ERI): Five courses, including surveys and quant methods training.
Ideation TRIZ (Inventive Problem Solving Process) (Ideation Int'l): 1-5 days. Inventive problem solving, directed ideation methods.
Implications Wheel™ Facilitator training (Joel Barker): 4 days. Exploring first, second, third order implications.

Scenario Planning workshop (Thomas Chermack): 1 day. Scenario-driven strategic planning.

SenseMaker® training (David Snowdon): Four weeks, online. Narrative fragments, story prompts, signifiers.

Shaping Tomorrow workshops and webinars (Michael Jackson, Sheila Moorcroft, Maree Conway). Strategic foresight.

Spiral Dynamics training (Chris Cowan, Natasha Todorovic): Four days. Change management and cultural development.

Strategic Management Professional (SMP) - Level II certificate (ASP): 3 hr exam, 160 questions

Strategic Planning Professional (SPP) - Level I certificate (ASP): 3 hr exam, 160 questions.

Strategy Matrix® training (Joel Barker): Online. SWOT plus strategic objectives and key characteristics analysis.

TRIZ (Inventive Problem Solving Process) (ASME): Three days. Innovation methods for products and business process.

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